We appreciate that some members of the audience prefer or need a seat and offer a seated option for all of our gigs.

  • SEATED TICKETS NEED TO BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE PLEASE. They are either available to purchase online from WeGotTickets, or in person from Hockley Community Centre. Please see either the "Tickets" page or the individual gig information pages for further details .
  • Once all the available seats are sold that's it - no more Seated Tickets can be added!
  • PLEASE ... don't buy Standing Tickets and expect that you will be able to find a seat on the evening of the gig. Sorry, but that won't be possible.
  • PLEASE ... don't just turn up on the night and hope to find a chair. 
  • We regret that it is not possible to reserve Seated Tickets and pay for them on the door on the night of the gig.

Please take the time to read this and avoid disappointment. We are friendly and always pleased to help when we can, but we can only provide a limited number of seats. The following gives details of how the seating system works.

  • Touchline Live Music is unusual for a smaller venue in reserving a seat at a table for each person that buys a seated ticket. This means that once you have purchased your seated ticket you can arrive knowing that your seat is allocated to you, not have to queue and then rush in to grab a chair.
  • The number of seats available varies from gig to gig, but usually sell out well in advance. We would therefore recommend that you purchase your seated tickets early.
  • Once the seats are all sold that's it - no more Seated Tickets can be made available!
  • Please be aware that for most gigs, there will also be people around you standing and/or dancing. Athough we try our best arrange the best layout, it is not possible to guarantee an uninterrupted view of the stage for all of the evening.
  • Seats are allocated in the order that the tickets are purchased, so the early purchases will be seated nearer the front (unless you request otherwise - please see below)
  • If you have any specific requirements or requests such as tickets purchased for wheelchair users, you would prefer seats further back, etc etc please use "Send us a Message" clearly stating the full name of the person who purchased the tickets and details of your requirements/requests. We will always do our best to help if possible and will advise you accordingly. 
  • Tables are usually for eight - ten people. Bookings made under the same name will automatically be seated together. Couples and smaller groups will be required to share a table with others.
  • If you have friends or family that have booked under different names, please advise us well in advance of the gig and we will ensure that you are seated together.
  • Seats/tables are all allocated in advance and it is therefore not possible to rearrange the seating plan on the night of the gig.
  • Seated tickets are either available to purchase online from We Got Tickets, or in person from Hockley Commy. Please see either the "Tickets" page for further details or the individual gig information pages


Please note that

WeGotTickets charge a

10% booking fee


Other ticket options are available - please see the individual pages for the options for each gig. 


We offer a limited number of seats at tables for most gigs. These are allocated to the Seated Ticket holders to save having to arrive early

to ensure a seat.

The seats always sell out very quickly, so if you need or prefer a seat we would recommend that you purchase your tickets early to avoid disappointment. 

Only Seated Ticket holders will have a seat - so PLEASE... avoid disappoinment and

do not buy a Standing Ticket, expecting to be able to find a chair at the gig.

A link to full details of our Seating system is below.

Standing tickets are usually still available once the seats are all sold.


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