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We're retiring ? Yep, Touchline Live Music is going to call it a day. We're giving you all some notice though - about a year in fact, as this isn't going to happen until 31st March, 2020.

Why? Well for a start it's not because we've all fallen out - we haven't - and neither have we fallen out with The Commy, but there are reasons - 

1. Age - next year our youngest member will be 60 and the oldest 72. We knew when we started Touchline Live Music over 7 years ago that time wasn't on our side, so we think it's best that we wind it down while we still can - before we all fall to bits! 

2. Little Steve - I've worked with Steve for as long as I've been doing this lark and he's one of the best Sound Engineers around, in my opinion. He is also unflappable - even when the sound desk blows a gasket just before Jackie Wilson Says take to the stage ? 
Steve spends a lot of the Summer months abroad. When he's not around we put on bands that have their own PA. That we can get around but he recently moved home permanently to the South Coast. He told us that when this happened, he wouldn't be doing Touchline but he's been doing it for the past months as the move didn't happen when planned and he didn't want to drop us in it. However, he doesn't want to do it for much longer.

3. Tax - due to personal changes, next year we will have to pay tax on any profits we make on Touchline Live Music gigs. Now, we don't do this for the money but we do have to make money to pay the expenses and to keep it all going. It is nice when we go home with a few quid in our pockets but it's not the be all and end all. Losing 20% on what we make is going to make things very tricky to actually show a profit at the end of a year. Add to that, there's a new online tax system coming in that you have to pay for - that's more money coming out of a profit that we don't always get!

One thing against us we could probably keep going but when you look at the above and add to that the fact that next year we have the European Football Championships and The Olympics to avoid, the end of March next year seems the obvious time to pack up. We had our normal Touchline meeting earlier this year - we always do this to find out everybody's opinion on keeping going for another year - and everybody agreed that, sadly, this would be our last year.

And yes, we are all sad as we've had a great time putting the gigs on - as are The Commy, knowing that it's coming to an end. I guess you lot will be sad as well, but I've found that you've got to know when it's time to quit before things really start to fall apart. 

We've known this for a few weeks but have left it to now to let you all know as we didn't wan't people getting the wrong end of the stick and thinking that it's this this year we're packing up - it's not, it's 31st March 2020. I also didn't want to send this out on 1st April ?

We will continue to put on the best bands we can find over the next year and hope to go out with a bang and not a whimper!

I hope as many of you as possible will be able to attend our gigs over the coming 12 months, as this will more than likely be the last time you'll be seeing these bands at Hockley ?... but it's gonna be a great 12 months ?  

Take care,

Dave, Trude, Steve, Brian & Janet


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